Why So Many Schools And Childcare Centres Use Commercial Cleaning Services

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If you are starting up a new childcare centre or looking to upgrade the contract of your current cleaners at the school you manage then you have probably stumbled across commercial cleaning services advertisements. In many ways, they are similar to traditional janitors that are hired by schools and daycare centres, but there are a few key differences that make them a little bit more relevant in the 21st century, no matter how big or small your facility is. Here are a few reasons why you should consider swapping over your cleaning duties to a commercial cleaning service in the near future.

Greater Resources To Fulfil What You Need

Janitors and other in-house cleaning services are great but do not have the same amount of backing as a fully established commercial cleaning service does. While they might have all the regular cleaning equipment and supplies, commercial cleaning services have specialised tools and cleaning products that only larger companies with multiple clients could afford. These make cleaning tough areas, such as carpets, out of reach surfaces, industrial spaces (like woodworking rooms) and many more much easier. They also have far more employees which means if you need cleaning duties done quickly, they can make that happen.

Forefront Of The Cleaning World

While it may not seem like a particularly cutting-edge industry, there are certainly improvements being made all the time when it comes to cleaning services. These larger commercial cleaning services have access to the latest and greatest in cleaning equipment, such as cleaning chemicals that are scentless and practically undetectable but still clean tough stains and surfaces. They also get faster and quieter cleaning machines like vacuums regularly, so you never have to worry about whether or not they are working as efficiently as they can. If there is a better piece of equipment out there, they will get it.

Multiple Cleaning Schedules

Children are messy, there are no two ways about it. That means, unlike a lot of traditional cleaning jobs, schools and daycare centres might need to have multiple cleaning schedules a day to make sure that the children can learn and operate in a safe and sanitary environment. Commercial cleaning services can provide as many, or as few, people that you need to keep your facility looking spick and span at all times of the day. Often this becomes even more relevant on special days, such as sports carnivals, science fairs, parent-teacher evenings and one-off events. As such, their help can be scheduled into the calendar with no problem. 

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