2 Things People Must Do Before Using Carpet Cleaning Services

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Here are two things every person should do before they use carpet cleaning services.  

They should find out what their carpets are made of and give the cleaner this information

Anyone who'll be using this service should try to find out what their carpets are made of and then give the carpet cleaner this message. This is important, as the cleaning techniques, equipment and products a cleaner uses on a carpet will be determined not only by the type of stains that are on it but also by what it is made of. For example, if a person tells their cleaner they have wool carpets, then the cleaner might either use a lower-than-average temperature setting on their steam cleaner or decide not to use this equipment at all; the reason for this is that wool is more susceptible to shrinkage than other carpet fabrics. In this situation, the cleaner might also use a milder carpet detergent so that this product does not cause the carpet dye to run or damage its delicate fibres.

Conversely, if their new client informs them that they have durable synthetic carpets made of, for example, polypropylene, then the cleaner will know that it's safe for them to bring along and use their steam cleaner (and switch it to one of its higher temperature settings) and that they can use stronger detergents for the removal of stains.

They should inform the cleaner if there are big pieces of furniture on their carpets that they cannot move

Those who'll be using carpet cleaning services should also tell their cleaner if there are large furniture items on their carpets that they won't be able to move out of the way for this appointment. The reason for this is that some cleaners determine their fees based on the size of carpeted areas they have been asked to wash or by the length of time that they estimate the work will take.

If there is a carpeted room in a client's home that is quite large but contains multiple big pieces of furniture that they cannot move, this will reduce the amount of carpeted floor space that the cleaner will be able to wash. This in turn will mean that it won't cost the client as much to have this room's carpets cleaned. If the person lets the cleaner know about this beforehand, rather than just providing them with each room's square metre measurement, the estimate the cleaner provides them with will be more accurate and the person will find it easier to decide if they can afford this service.