5 Qualities to Look for in a Reliable and Efficient Cleaning Crew for Your Retail Store

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When a shopper enters a retail store, they expect to see a clean and sanitary space. Dirty floors, mould-filled walls, dusty surfaces and disgustingly full dust bins can make customers run away from your store. This is why you need a reliable and efficient cleaning company at your beck and call. The right crew will not only clean your retail store but also ensure it's a safe space for your workers and customers. 

But how do you know you're getting the best service? Here are the top five qualities to look for when shopping around for the right cleaning crew for your store.

1. Adherence to Proper Cleaning Procedures

The best cleaning crew knows and adheres to proper cleaning procedures for commercial spaces. A store has numerous shelves, aisles, counters and even bathrooms that see heavy traffic throughout the day. The cleaners need to know the right approach to ensure your retail store is clean and safe for your customers. When vetting, ask the following:

  • Do they have a standard cleaning procedure for your facility?
  • Do they know what products and tools to use in different areas?
  • How do they pre-measure cleaning products to avoid wastage and decrease the cost of cleaning services?

Working with a cleaning company that follows professional procedures and protocols will ensure consistency in service delivery. You don't have to worry about getting excellent results on one day and poor ones on another.

2. Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Retail store cleaning is more than just cleaning the floors in your facility. Unless you want to work with multiple cleaning companies, it's vital to choose one that offers comprehensive cleaning services. For example, in addition to cleaning the floors, they can also dust the shelves and clean underneath refrigeration systems, shelves and counters. The crew should also offer cleaning services for the following areas:

  • Commercial restrooms
  • Glass doors and windows
  • Exterior walls
  • Parking lot 

Additionally, you may occasionally need services such as rug and carpet deep cleaning and ceiling cleaning. Think of the service as your chance to carry out a deep, thorough cleaning of your store. As such, work with a firm that has a comprehensive or flexible service list.

3. Correct Use of Signage in Cleaning Areas

Cleaning a retail store isn't just about hygiene -- it's also about customer and employee safety. Thus, when undertaking their cleaning tasks, the crew should be mindful of customer and employee safety. In Australia, slip-and-fall accidents account for 12% of all hospitalised injuries every year. Furthermore, they are the leading cause of injury deaths for those over 85 years old.

To protect your business from personal injury and workers' compensation claims, it's paramount for you to engage a cleaning company that prioritises safety. They should correctly use signage and markings around wet or slippery floors to warn individuals and protect them from getting hurt. This is especially important if you schedule floor cleaning during the day or when there's foot traffic in the facility. 

4. Utilisation of Safe Cleaning Supplies and Techniques

As part of your store's sustainability goals, work with a cleaning crew that utilises environmentally friendly products. In addition to preserving the environment, green products also protect workers and customers from health issues. They do not contain strong, harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory problems when inhaled.

The crew should also utilise safe and efficient cleaning techniques. For example, they should use the right tools that won't strip floor finishes. They should know what to use when handling furniture or furnishings that aren't water-safe. Extra care should be taken when cleaning painted walls and ceilings to prevent the paint from getting damaged.

5. Flexible Cleaning Schedules

Finally, find a cleaning company with a flexible cleaning schedule. Ideally, you should clean the store at night or when it's closed to avoid interfering with the customers. However, if this isn't possible, you can schedule cleanings for times of the day with low foot traffic. Thus, find a crew that is flexible when creating a schedule for your facility.

Have these important things in mind when looking for a cleaning company for your retail store.