Compelling Reasons to Leave Residential Mould Removal to Professional Cleaners

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Mould is a common scourge in a majority of homes and this is due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, much of Australia's humid environment makes it easy for some parts of your home to stay damp all year round if they are not receiving adequate ventilation. Secondly, when undetected plumbing leaks are left unchecked, even the tiniest ones, they lead to moisture collecting in parts of your home. This creates an environment suitable for the growth of this fungus.

Because of how common mould is, some people presume that eliminating it from their home is a job they can undertake on their own but they are mistaken. Before you take some soapy water and a scrubber to your walls, consider the following compelling reasons why you should leave residential mould removal to professional cleaners.

Professional cleaners will engage in mould testing

A presumption many homeowners make regarding mould is that they simply need to identify it and then scrub it away. However, this a gross misconception. For the remediation process to be thorough, meticulous testing should be carried out in the residence. Professional cleaners will start by collecting samples from various rooms in your house and take them for analysis in a lab. This analysis work identifies the different types of fungus thriving in your home as well as the varying toxicities of the different cultures collected.

This information is crucial since it is what will inform the professionals' choices on the type of chemicals to utilise as well as the cleaning techniques to employ for thorough remediation. Once mould removal is concluded, the professional cleaners will engage in another round sample collection and testing to ensure that there are no lingering spores in your home.

Professional cleaners will utilise the right chemicals

Speaking of chemicals, it is essential to note that simply because you are using industrial-strength cleaners does not guarantee that you will eliminate the mould in your home. Consequently, DIY methods are simply a waste of time, money and energy because you still cannot guarantee that you have annihilated this fungus. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, have the best chance of performing an exhaustive job for a couple of reasons. For starters, they will know which types of biocides and bleach will work best for your remediation needs.

Moreover, they will also know what quantities to utilise for an effective job. Secondly, since these biocides and chemicals are highly corrosive, amateurs shouldn't handle them as you could end up inhaling toxic fumes that will cause extensive damage to your internal organs. Professional cleaners will not only have the right safety gear—including hazmat suits, gas masks and more—but they will also ensure sufficient ventilation in the home to eliminate these fumes once they are done.

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