When to Call a Professional Rug Cleaning Service

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A rug can transform the look of a room — as long as you keep it in good condition. Despite careful vacuuming and spot cleaning, you may find that there are times when you will need the services of a professional rug cleaner.

Stain removal

Any well-used rug will eventually have something spilt on it which is difficult to remove — perhaps coffee or red wine, or dirt trodden in from outside. There are a variety of stain removers on the market to help you clean the rug yourself, but they have two drawbacks. Firstly, they may not be entirely effective. Secondly, they may do more harm than good and damage the rug, especially if you are not sure how to use the cleaner. The safest option (particularly with an expensive rug) is to call a professional cleaner who will remove the stain without causing any further damage.


A rug can pick up odours from a number of sources. Pet mess can be a particular problem, as can food or drink spills that have not been properly cleaned up. You may think you have dealt with the problem at the time, and only later notice a bad smell coming from the rug that you can't get rid of. Most commercially available cleaning products only try to cover up the smell; they do not get rid of it. By sending your rug to a professional, you will be sure that the cause of the odour is removed and that it is not just masked.

Stain prevention

A rug cleaning service can also treat your rug with a stain protector to help to stop stains from developing in the first place. The rug will need to be fully cleaned and dried before the protector is applied, and the service will then treat it with a chemical that bonds with the fibres and resists further staining. You should remember that this will not completely prevent all stains, and will not excuse you from cleaning the spillage as soon as possible. However, it should give you more time to act before the spillage has any permanent effect, and should also limit the damage that has been done.

You can deal with minor spillages yourself, but there are many stains and odours that your household cleaning products just can't treat. A call to your rug cleaning service will ensure that your rug is restored to the best condition possible. Contact a rug cleaning company for more information.